Selzy - Marketing Automation Tools - CPA/CPL
Id de la oferta: 15629
Objetivo Pago Procesando PostClick Porcentaje de aceptación
Free subscription
Registration and load base >100 contacts
Moneda: BRL
Id del objetivo: 22684 (Activa)
10.5 R$ Máximo 45 days
30 days Sin datos
Paid subscription
Assinatura dos planos pagos.
Moneda: BRL
Id del objetivo: 22685 (Activa)
14 % (R$) Máximo 45 days
30 days 100%

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KPI:  2-3% of lead sales

Selzy is a platform for sending email marketing. We help you launch your first email campaign in 15 minutes, increasing your sales with just a few clicks.
Their focus is to help you create professional email marketing in a simple and exciting journey. Even for beginners.
With Selzy you have 100% human support 24 hours a day (no talking to bots).

See what you find on our platform:

  • Easy to use email builder
  • Forms and Pop-ups to capture leads;
  • Automation funnels for automatic shipments;
  • Complete reports that go beyond opens and clicks;
  • Lowest prices on the market

Our schedule is also ready to send emails in your place. You can free up time to take care of other areas of your business by entrusting your email marketing campaign to professionals.

Allowed traffic:
  • Banners
  • content sites
  • Social media (paid ads)
  • Social media (groups and pages)
  • e-mail marketing
  • SMS-marketing (incl. WhatsApp)
  • cashback
  • Influencers (youtube, instagram, tiktok)

  • Create professional emails
  • Add a personal touch
  • Turn visitors into subscribers
  • Analyze results and learn
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Noticias de oferta:

  • 18/12/2023, 16:39 New Promotions, Banners and Coupons in Selzy - Ferramentas de automação de marketing - CPA/CPL!

    New Promotions, Banners and Coupons in Selzy - Marketing Automation Tools - CPA/CPL! Make the most of this campaign!
    • Use the coupon and receive 50% off your first month on our "Standard" plan!
    • Get more people clicking and opening your emails!
    Come Enjoy!

  • 25/11/2023, 00:02 New campaign - Selzy - Marketing Automation Tools - CPA/CPL

    A maneira mais fácil de começar a vender com e-mails.

    Comece sua primeira campanha em 15 minutos e aumente suas vendas com a plataforma de e-mail marketing da Selzy.


    • Geo Brasil
    • Comissão de R$10.5 por assinatura grátis e Comissão de 14% por assinatura paga.
    • Materiais disponíveis
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