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   SmartPrice – online store of restored ORIGINAL Apple and Samsung smartphones, the first operator of trade-in portable electronics on the Russian market. Only restored original Apple and Samsung smartphones are on sale at prices 40% cheaper than new ones!

All phones work perfectly - a full 90-day warranty for technical failure is provided. If something is broken-the phone will be replaced by the client in 15 minutes, no examinations (the main thing is that the phone was not opened and mechanically damaged).

Externally, the phones are in three conditions:

- «like new» - no visible damage, visual condition of the new
- «excellent» - single minor defects (a small scratch or chip), in fact this is the condition of a new phone that was worn in your pocket for a week
- «good» if there are visible signs of use (scuffs, chips, sometimes scratches

   Smartphones come to us from major retail networks (Svyaznoy, Euroset, MTS, MegaFon, etc.) - everything is "white", everything is official and verified.
SmartPrice officially cooperates with Samsung and holds joint promotions.

If your customers need an original smartphone and they don't want to overpay 40% of the cost for marketing - take them to us. High quality control, maximum warranty and a full range of popular models give you freedom of choice for any budget. Thousands of customers across Russia have already appreciated our service, and their number is steadily growing.

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