Each User has the right to refuse The COMPANY’s system Actionpay  to collect statistical information via the function «Opt-Out».

The purpose of the function Opt-Out – to give Users the right to refuse from delivering targeted Advertising.

 After  User’s Click on «Opt-Out»  Actionpay  replaces the Cookie with a  unique identifier for your browser to User «Opt-Out»  Cookie, which is provided  the inability to continue to collect any information about the User by  “Actionpay”.

As  Cookies are installed in a browser (Mozilla, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.), and in the case of multiple browsers on one computer or multiple computers with different browsers User should  use the  function  «Opt-Out» for each of the used browser .  It applies also to reinstalled operating system or browser of User’s computer, installation of another operating system and / or browser on User’s computer.

The User rejection “Actionpay” to collect statistical information  is  not the rejection  from  delivering  (display) advertisements on the Internet.

These rules apply only to services provided by the COMPANY.

The COMPANY does have links on this site on the web sites of other companies. The COMPANY is not responsible for the privacy policies on these websites. User should be aware that the privacy policies of these sites may differ from this one.

COMPANY shall have the right at any time to make changes to these terms and rules by updating Privacy Policy, together with the date of last revision.

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