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Patephone is a radio in the world of books, your Navigator in the world of books and a bookstore. The best e — book for Android is an audiobook.

You can listen to the most popular books and audio news for free!

Also have unlimited access upon subscription, with additional user-friendly features::

- listen to any books without ads and without restrictions;
- download audiobooks in the app to listen to them without the Internet;
- set a turn-off timer to listen comfortably before going to bed;
- you can make bookmarks or leave notes in an audiobook.

You don't need to buy books one at a time — the entire library is available to you at once. You can listen to any number of books at the same time.
The player remembers the place where you finished listening to the audiobook, and next time you can easily continue from where the reader left off. There is an adjustment of the playback speed.

You can listen to all our books online. Listen to your favorite audiobooks, in a taxi, in the subway, at work, doing household chores or on vacation! Nabokov and Pelevin and fan fiction books.

Size: 26 mb
Compatibility: Requires Android 5.0 and up
Age: 12+

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