Lottery supermarket "Stoloto"
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Stoloto is the Russian largest distributor of state lotteries, holding more than 50,000 retail sales points. The lotteries run by Stoloto are sold in every region of Russia and on Russia’s only online lottery supermarket, The company uses modern technologies, which allow you to choose the most convenient way to play the lottery.

Stoloto brings together all the country’s lotteries which are organised by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Sport. These include: the much-loved Russian Lotto, which has been cheering up its fans for more than 20 years already, State Lottery 5 out of 36 — the lottery with a record number of millionaires, State Lottery 6 out of 45 — the lottery with the biggest super prizes in the country, and others. Thanks to Stoloto, already more than 1,000 lottery players have become millionaires, and more than 360 of them won in 2015.

The record-breaking super prize in Russia was won in the 1,885th drawing of State lottery 6 out of 45. It totaled 358,358,466 rubles. This grand sum went to a resident of Novosibirsk.

Stoloto’s partners in lottery distribution are Russian Post, Evroset telephone shops, Svyaznoi shops, MegaFon sales offices, and many more.

BENEFITS For webmasters:

  • The popular service;
  • The site is available for mobile devices;
  • Various promotional materials;
  • The simple action of the target - registration;
  • Broad geographic targeting.
Criteria for registration: registration via email + SMS confirmation.

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Noticias de oferta:

  • 23/10/2017, 13:03 Attention! The change in working conditions in the office Lottery supermarket "Stoloto"!

    Attention! Conditions of the offer Lottery supermarket "Stoloto"  has been changed!
    From 23.10.2017 the format of the TV program changes.
    The broadcast will be held on Sunday at 14:00.
    At the same time, there will only be copies of the Russian Lotto and the Housing Lottery.
    "The Golden Horseshoe" and "6s36" are translated into the web site and YouTube.

  • 23/10/2017, 12:01 Attention! In the Lottery supermarket "Stoloto" added new banners with the New Year's drawing of a billion!

    Attention! In the Lottery supermarket "Stoloto" added new banners with the New Year's drawing of a billion!
    Please use at work!

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