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Заявка на подключение домашнего интернета
Оплачивается успешная заявка - удалось дозвониться, подтвердили интерес по телефону. Минимум 3 звонка совершается.
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Tele2 Russia - a Russian telecommunication company, founded in 2001, the Swedish group Tele2 AB on the basis of the networks, acquired in the Russian Federation. Owners of Tele2 Russia are VTB Bank, Rostelecom, Russian, and Alexey Mordashov. Known as a cellular discounter. Provides services of cellular communication more than 38.9 million people. At the beginning of February 2017, the Tele2 network operates in 65 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
Key benefits:
  • Tele2 operates in 65 regions and serves to 38.9 million subscribers
  • High-speed mobile Internet launched in 61 region of Russia
  • Tele2 network is based on its own infrastructure
  • In Tele2 employs more than 7,000 people
Benefits for affiliates:
  • A simple goal
  • Famous brand
  • Wide GEO

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