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The Internet-shop "Labirint" was founded in 2005.

To date, "Labyrinth" is the largest online bookstore, where you can buy almost any book published in Russia. The assortment of the store totals about 150 thousand items. The accumulative discount program and the developed system of discount discounts allow buyers to save from 5% to 17% of the cost of goods.
The main advantages of the store: 
  • a convenient site
  • a huge range
  • reasonable prices
  • the simplest ordering scheme
  • fast delivery
  • The average delivery time in Russia is five days. In Moscow -one day
Advantages for customers:
  • Courier service operates in 348 cities of Russia
  • Many discounts and promotions for customers
  • Famous Brand - Customer Loyalty
  • High Conversion
  • High reward 

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Вознаграждение не начисляется, если пользователь осуществил покупку товара менее 35 руб., а также с подарочных сертификатов магазина Лабиринт.