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Russia (cities: Arkhangelsk region, Vladimir region, Vologda region, Voronezh region, Ivanovo region, Kaluga region, Kostroma region, Leningrad region, Lipetsk region, Moscow, Moscow region, Murmansk region, Nizhny Novgorod region, Novgorod region, Penza region, Perm Region, Pskov region, The Republic of Bashkortostan, The Republic of Karelia, Mari El Republic, The Republic of Tatarstan, Ryazan region, Samara region, Saint Petersburg, Saratov region, Tver region, Tula region, Udmurtia, Ulyanovsk region, Chelyabinsk region, Chuvash Republic, Yaroslavl region)


«Ulybka radugi» - is an online store of decorative cosmetics, perfumery, personal care and home care products. The store has a wide assortment of consumer goods and cosmetics of different brands at appealing prices. Thereisaloyaltyprogram, withfavorablepoints

Advantages for buyers:

Promo activities always available

10% discount for online payment

Wide range of goods

Appealing prices

Loyalty program

Benefits for pubs:

Well-knows chain of stores

Easy to navigate web site

Regular renewal of promo activities and special offers

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Additional conditions:

Traffic type Groups in social networks is allowed without creating groups on behalf of the advertiser!

Offer news:

  • 24/03/2021, 17:19 "ULYBKA RADUGI" offer is launched!

    Publisher`s commission is 6.52% for a paid order. The offer is available on Basic level. Join and earn money!