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Online shop VseInstrumenty.Ru - a shop of a large range of power tools. In the catalog - more than 30,000 items of equipment and more than 20,000 names of consumables produced in CIS countries, Europe, USA and Asia. 40 world leaders in producing and garden power equipment, trusted site VseInstrumenty.Ru submit their products to buyers. Order the product in the online store and can be any region of Russia. In Moscow there are 7 shops / offices delivery of the goods.
Competitive advantages:
- Low prices;
- Huge assortment;
- Opened in 63 regions;
- Each client is assigned a personal manager who supervises and carries full responsibility of the customer to place an order "Thank you all got - already working."
- Managers - professionals! The client can choose the best for reliability and excellent results.
- Respect for the company "VseInstrumenty.Ru" backed by the best dealer agreements and certificates.
- Own shipping department;
- Rated 5 stars on Yandex.market based on 5000 reviews.
Benefits for Webmasters:
- The company conducts ongoing analysis of markets, allocation of the most popular segments;
- Large volumes of sales;
- Modern advertising materials;
- Regular shares;
- There is a mobile version of the site;
- Has its own channel video review on youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/VseInstrumentiRu


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1. It is forbidden to use the domain name vseinstrumenti (and similar to them vseinstrumenti.su, vseinstrumenty.ru etc.).
2. It is forbidden to create clones website www.vseinstrumenti.ru and (or) use an interface similar to the interface of the website www.vseinstrumenti.ru.
3. It is forbidden to prevent illegal mass mailing (postal, icq, mass posting links, etc.) messages (spam), including specifying the URL and / or the name of an Internet store or a similar URL.
4. Do not place any contextual advertising on any of the domains and subdomains site www.vseinstrumenti.ru systems Yandex and Google.Adwords. Placing ads in contextual advertising system, queries and texts that use the brand name VseInstrumenti.ru and similar to him as: vseinstrumenti, vseinstrumenty, all the tools pv, all the tools, vse instrumenti et al. Are also prohibited queries with misspellings brand VseInstrumenti. ru. Do not use contextual advertising networks by name and shops of competitors, such as 220 volts, a sledgehammer, TechPort.ru etc. and derivatives thereof. Placing on the above systems through runner, as well as through other system aggregation is prohibited.
5. The rules for e-mail newsletters:
Mandatory requirement: the distribution must be completely (text, design, source) consistent with the advertiser.
Mandatory requirement: Invalid sending promotional offers that provide discounts, coupons, etc that are not on the site.
The content of e-mail newsletters:
1) In the header should be the company logo VseInstrumenty.ru
2) Mandatory inscription:
The representing our official partner;
-News From our official partner;
-Promotions from our official partner.
3) At the bottom of the unit should be explaining the basis on which the client received a newsletter and how it can unsubscribe from it.
6 Minimum order amount - from 331 rubles.

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