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"Moe Delo" - Russia's first service that brings together everything you need for bookkeeping via the Internet in the "single window" and provides users with up-peer content.
The company "Moe Delo" was created in 2009 by two businessmen: the owner of an IT company, outsource software development for Europe and the United States, Maxim Yaremko and former CEO and co-owner of the company "Action-Media", Russia's largest publisher of professional media, Sergey Panov.
In 2010, the company won the "Runet Award" for his contribution to the development of the Russian segment of the Internet in the category "Economy and Business" and the winner of the joint competition Google and Forbes «Business Project." In 2011, the company entered the Top 5 most promising lines of business according to the "Expert online».
Online accounting includes two versions: the professional - for accountants and simplified - for business, the leading accounting independently.
Service for accountants appeared on the market in 2011, becoming the result of a study of more than 200 experts accountants. And in 2012 was Implemented payroll module in both versions of Internet accounts.
My company business "has insured its liability for recommendations provided by users and computing in the" Insurance House "FAC".
In March 2012, the company "Moe Delo" has successfully completed a transaction with Klever Internet Investments Limited, a special unit of one of the largest Russian investors Klever Asset Management. The amount of investment totaled $ 4 million.
As of March 2014 the number of users of the service exceeded 800 thousand people.

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