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Paid order of the course
для cashback ставка 10% от суммы заказа, остальные - 15%
Currency: RUR
Aim id: 18304 (Active)
10-15 % maximum 37 days
As average 30 days
30 days 7.63%
Оплаченный семестр категории курса: Высшее образование
поступление, подписание договора, оплата
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11000 p maximum 187 days
As average 180 days
30 days 100%
Подтвержденная заявка категории курса: Высшее образование
подача документов в университет
Currency: RUR
Aim id: 22531 (Active)
4000 p maximum 187 days
As average 180 days
30 days No data

Geo targeting:

All countries


Skillbox is one of the leaders on Russian online education market.

Many well-established companies are Skillbox partners.

Skillbox main courses:

  • Internet marketing
  • Digital
  • Online business 

Benefits for users:

  • Wide choice of courses
  • Lessons from top employees companies
  • Online lessons with teachers
  • Trainee programs for best students

Advantages for publishers:

  • High conversion rate
  • A lot of advertising materials
  • Different courses
  • Quick order confirmation 

Target audience, geo and top-courses

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Additional conditions:

Courses are in Russian.
Creating groups on behalf of the advertiser is prohibited.

Offer news:

  • 22/07/2021, 16:15 Attention! Changing the conditions for the "Skillbox" offer!

    New conditions for the "Skillbox" offer are valid from today:

    Paid course - 15%
    Paid order of the course (cashback) - 10%
    Paid MBA course - 6%
    Paid semester course category: Higher education - 9%
    And also new landing pages have been added to the offer. Please use in work!