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Оплаченный заказ (тип трафика - промокодные площадки)
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Ochkarik is a brand with a past. The chain store was set up in 2001. It was an innovative and unique salons for Russia. So it remain now, Ochkarik is one of the core players on russian oprical market, it picks up the newest and most promising tendencies in optical market and implements them in its’ stores.

- Trade policy: the company works directly with the leading produces and suppliers – meaning 100% original licensed products

- Russian capital: the company’s success is not are result of another’s investment, but in efficient marketing and management

- Technological opportunities: own r&d allows to stay modern. The company’s stores are one of the first in the country, where certain innovative products can be found

- HR policy – employees are proven professionals

- Fast adaptation to the changing market environment. The latest tendencies must be integrated and used by the company

-Contribution to the development of Russian science. R&D department is participating in the production of mobile astronomic systems - robotic telescopes "Master"

-Internet presence since 2007. Online Ochkarik store

-Affordable prices. The company’s strategy is to provide the lowest prices on contact lenses

Advantages for customers:
- One of the lowest prices on the market
- Quality goods from world top producers. All necessary certification
- Different delivery methods
- Different payment methods
- Sms or voice call order confirmation
- Extend pick up time at a pick up point is possible

Benefits for publishers:
- Well known brand with good reputation
- Contact lenses is a product with constant demand
- 1,8 average number of products in the order
- 2700 rub. average order sum

Rules of the offer:

1) Only agreed creatives materials are allowed. Any other creatives must be agreed before using them

2) Search ads
- Search ads are prohibite
- It is forbidden to use keywords lik "promo code + brand", "coupon + brand", "cashback + brand" etc. Eveniftrafficgoestothewebmaster'ssite

3) Promocodes
You can ask for an exclusive promocode

4) Cashback
- Cashback is credited, only if using referral link directly to the store
- Extensions are not allowed

5) Social media
- Creating social media groups and profiles from the name of advertiser is prohibited
- Official brand page look alikes are prohibited
- Comments from the name of advertiser are prohibited

6) Email
- Emailing must be agreed
- Mass spamming from the name of advertiser is prohibited
- All mailing layouts must be approved before sending

In case of rules violation a partner will be disconnected from the campaign and all order will be cancelled !

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