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Currency: RUR
Aim id: 3115 (Active)
0.43-8.7 % maximum 40 days
As average 30 days
20 days 49.5%

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Bonus rate from 01.02.2016 

Upon reaching the turnover of paid orders from 500 000 to 700 000 + 5% to monthly payment
Upon reaching the turnover of paid orders from 700 001 to 1 000 000 + 7% to monthly payment
Upon reaching the turnover of paid orders from 1 000 001 to 2 000 000  + 10% to monthly payment
Upon reaching the turnover of paid orders from 2 000 001 to 3 500 000  +20% to monthly payment
Upon reaching the turnover of paid orders from 3 500 001 + 30% to monthly payment *
**upon reaching 6 000 000 rubles, the advertiser will consider personal motivation for webmaster
Online-store "Svyaznoy" is one of the largest players in the online retail sector with a turnover of 111 billion rubles in 2014. "Svyaznoy" was founded in July 2002, and at the moment it is visited by more than 400 000 users daily. Online-store is a leader in mobile electronics sales, particularly smartphones, tablets and accessories for them. Over 30% of customers come back to shop more than once, which indicates the reliability and brand loyalty.
New advantages of working with an affiliate program "Svyaznoy":
flexible bonus scale, starting from 500 000 rub. turnover per month - that is +5% to the usual payment!
long life cookie - 20 days;

We also remind that:
  • You can increase the amount of their monthly earnings of up to 30%!
  • Welcome different types of traffic*;
  • Personal conditions for big webmasters are possible**!
  • Provides personalized promotional codes;
  • Affiliate-managers are always ready to help partners. Provide the necessary information, statistics, feeds, banners.
* There are exceptions - in the context of the brand, motivated, adult- and toolbar-traffic.
** Personal conditions guarantee an individual approach and personal work with the manager.

Advantages for customers:
  • a wide range of mobile equipment, more than 20 thousand names;
  • quality content (descriptions, reviews) to select the desired device;
  • discussion of goods to other customers, as well as the opportunity to get an expert answer;
  • regular discounts and interesting events, including favorable credit offers;
  • convenient ordering format. This product can be ordered via the website or see the availability and book at your own retail store, also benefit from free express shipping on orders more than 5000 rubles;
  • convenient geography - more than 2,000 stores across the country.
Svyaznoy in numbers:
Average conversion in order - 0.97%;
Average conversion to a paid order - 0.46%;
High average bill - 11 000 rubles .;
Number of active webmasters more than 5000;
The average webmaster salary is 100 000 rubles per month;
The commission of made orders from 1.6% to 10%.

Remuneration for webmasters:
GSM (except Apple iphone 7) 2%
Notebooks 1.60%
Tablets 2.60%
Other categories of goods (+E-books, navigators)  3.00%
Photo 3.00%
Accessories 10.00%
Gadgets 8.00%
TV 2.8%
Apple iphone 7  - 1.5%
Apple iphone 7 plus - 1%

From 02.15.2016 the payment is reduced by 2 times on the orders using this code is not owned CPA!
STOP words: связной, +в связном, связному, svyaznoy, svyaznoi, свя3ной,связнoй - тут "о" английская, +в связнoм - тут "о" английская, связнoму - тут "о" английская, cdzpyjq, ымнфятщн, +d cdzpyjv

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Additional conditions:

Do not use the contextual advertising on the brand, ie using "svyaznoy" and their variations, leading directly or with an automatic redirect to the advertiser's website. And contextual advertising for the branded words on any other project (for example, a catalog of proposals), where there is a link on the Svyaznoy store.

Do not use contextual advertising networks by name and shops of competitors, such as M-video, Euroset, Eldorado, etc. and derivatives thereof.

Do not use in a query keyword "coupons Svyaznoy", "Promotional codes Svyaznoy" and all such requests.

Permitted the use of brand names of manufacturers, such as: Nokia, Samsung, etc., as well as all other requests that are not related to the brand and brand Svyaznoy networks - competitors.

Top best-selling products in the online store

- Apple iPhone 5s 16Gb
- Apple iPhone 5s 32Gb
- Nexus 5 from Google and LG 16Gb
- Apple iPhone 4S 8Gb
- Samsung I9105 Galaxy S II Plus
- Apple iPhone 5s 64Gb
- Apple iPad Air 32Gb Wi-Fi + Cellular
- Apple iPhone 5c 16Gb
- Apple iPad Air 64Gb Wi-Fi + Cellular
- Sony Xperia Z1.

In contextual advertising necessarily use less words:

-connected -cdzpyjq -svyznoy -sveznoy -cviznoy

- Svya -cdz -svy -sve -cvya -svazn

and derivatives thereof.

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  • 04/12/2012, 18:31 New banners added for «Svyaznoy» offer!

    We have added 10 new banners for the following items: Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy S III.