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Оплаченный заказ (повторная покупка)
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Категории подлежащие оплате раздела «для здоровья»: - Антисептики; - Спреи; - Витамины; - Маски.
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Ochkov.net company successfully works on the market more than for 10 years for everyone to enjoy the perfect vision. Thanks to rich product assortment and high quality of service customers are satisfied and become our regular customers. The shop offers not only contact lenses of all types, but also glasses, and products on care of optical products and accessories. Exclusively high-quality products directly from the producer at low prices. 
One of benefits of this shop can be the most complete range of the optical products and similar products presented at the Russian market. 
Benefits for customers:
  • The interface of the website is extremely simple: to find goods, to add it to cart and to arrange purchase very easily. 
  • Delivery is performed by any method, suitable for the customer: the courier, mail, service of express delivery of DPD, besides, shipment at own expense is possible. 
  • Reliability and stability of the company is confirmed by long-term successful work in the market.
  • Unique opportunity of online fitting of glasses— the first one in the Russian market of optics.
Benefits of work with Ochkov.net:
  • High conversion and wide client base.
  • Wide assortment: glasses, lenses, and also joint products at the prices are lower, than in opticians and other online stores. The goods only certified from the checked producers.
  • Simple interface, simple navigation simplifying purchase of the function "Purchase in One Click", "Call back".
  • Regular campaigns and discounts.
  • Delivery all across the country, various payment systems.
  • The largest warehouse in the territory of Russia
  • High conversion in sale
  • High average check
Targeted audience:
Customers - active busy persons at the age of 18 - 40 years mainly female (on analytics a ratio about 2,3 to 1) which have got rid of glasses long ago or only want to make it. In the majority it is the office workers often giving preference to active vacation. Medium-to-high level of prosperity is peculiar. Service, speed, convenience and goods quality is important for our customer.
Also, it is important to allocate a segment of buyers of color lenses, here almost completely female in age of 20-30 years for which it is an element of style.

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